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Download Driver Navigator Full Keygen 2015 تحميل وتفعيل برنامج جلب تعريفات الأجهزة

PowerISO v6.1 crackDriver Navigator is designed to allow users to checksearch and download the hardware drivers that have expired or thathave not been installed on your PCThis software has morethan 4 million different types and versions of the drivers in its database and has been believed to serve consumers morethan 10 years. In addition to the ease that is givenDriverNavigator also has a user interface that is simple and easy to understandthis software also allows users to download a driver with a maximum speed of their servers. 

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PowerISO v6.1 crack
PowerISO v6.1 crack

Supported devices
  • Audio & Sound Driver
  • Video & Graphic Driver
  • Printer & Multifunction Driver
  • Scanner Driver
  • Bluetooth Driver
  • Network & Wireless Driver
  • Webcam Driver
  • USB Device
  • Keyboard & Mouse Drivers
  • Laptop & Netbook Drivers
  • Desktop Drivers


1. Unrar
2. Install Driver Navigator
3. Copy Keygen to installation directory of the program 
   - It is in: C: \ Program Files \ Easeware \ DriverNavigator 4. Run Keygen> Click the"Generate" 
5. Close Keygen & enjoy

طريقة تفعيل البرنامج

أولا قم بتحميل هذا البرنامج ..
قم بفك الضغط..
قم بنسخ الكييغين أو ملف التفعيل في هذا المسار
C: \ Program Files \ Easeware \ DriverNavigator
قم بتشغيل الkeygen 
ثم اضغط على"generate"
بعد التفعيل افتح البرنامج واضغط على"scan now"
بعد ذلك سيبحث البرنامج عن التعريفات الناقصة على جهازك ويعطيك روابط لتحميلها

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Autodesk SketchBook Pro v3.1.0 APK تحميل و تفعيل برنامج الرسم الرائع على الهاتف

Autodesk SketchBook Pro v3.1.0 APK is Here !

  • Autodesk SketchBook Pro v3.1.0 APK
    Autodesk SketchBook Pro
    Autodesk SketchBook is a professional-grade painting and drawing application designed for all your mobile devices. With the same paint engine as its powerful desktop counterpart, SketchBook delivers fluid pencils and sophisticated brushes in a simple and easy-to-use interface. With SketchBook, capture everything from your smallest doodles to your biggest ideas all in one place, no matter where you are.

    يمكنكم ترجمة الموضوع عن طريق الأيقونة على الجانب
    • The entire screen is your canvas with a full screen workspace and unobtrusive user interface
    • Control the finest details of your art with up to a 2500% zoom
    • Choose from over 10 preset brushes, including pencils, pens, and markers that deliver a natural drawing experience
    • Easily organize your sketches in SketchBook’s Gallery with multiple view options, albums, and flexible ordering
    • Save and store your works of art on your Dropbox account
    • Sign in with a free SketchBook account and unlock the Layer Editor, Symmetry Tools, and more
    • Choose from a comprehensive brush library with over 100 preset pencils, pens, markers, and brushes
    • Synthetic and Smudge brushes
    • Full layer controls with 18 layer blending modes, makes it flexible to build up your images and explore alternatives on your creative direction
    • Full Copic Color Library
    • Advanced Selection tools for improved precision – select items using Marquee and Lasso tools or the Magic Wand.
    • Gradient fills tools including linear and radial options
    • Other workflow improvements, including new ruler guides and more
    What’s New
    • Here’s the updates you’ll find in this version of SketchBook:
    • There’s a new preference to enable the display of on-screen tips to be turned off
    • Save as workflow
    • The Text Editor in the Android version is now the same as the iOS version
    • Various bug fixes
    How to Install ?
    1. Download the given apk to your phone
    2. Install it
    3. That’s all :)
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    Autodesk SketchBook Pro v3.1.0 APK
    Autodesk SketchBook Pro v3.1.0 APK
    Autodesk SketchBook Pro v3.1.0 APK (21.9MB) / Mirror

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PowerISO v6.1 crack serial تحميل و تفعيل

PowerISO v6.1

يمكنكم ترجمة الموضوع عن طريق الأيقونة على الجانب

PowerISO is a powerful CD / DVD / BD image file processing tool, which allows you to open, extract, burn, create, edit, compress, encrypt, split and convert ISO files, and mount ISO files with internal virtual drive. It can process almost all CD / DVD / BD image files including ISO and BIN files. PowerISO provides an all-in-one solution. You can do every thing with your ISO files and disc image files.
How to Activate ?
  1. Install PowerISO v6.1 Trial
  2. Launch it
  3. Use the Serial Key to Activate it
  4. That’s all :)
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PowerISO v6.1

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teleport Pro v1.70 Keygen تحميل وتفعيل

Teleport Pro v1.70 Keygen is Here !

  • Teleport Pro v1.70 Keygen
    Teleport Pro
    يمكنكم ترجمة الموضوع عن طريق الأيقونة على الجانب

    Teleport Pro is an all-purpose high-speed tool for getting data from the Internet.  Launch up to ten simultaneous retrieval threads, access password-protected sites, filter files by size and type, search for keywords, and much more.  The most fully-featured and robust webspider available, Teleport Pro handles today’s more complex websites flawlessly.  Capable of reading HTML5, CSS3, and DHTML, Teleport is the only webspider that really finds all of the files on all of the sites.  And with server-side image map exploration, automatic dial-up connecting, Java applet support, variable exploration depths, project scheduling, and relinking abilities, Teleport Pro is quite simply the best there is.
    • Cookie support lets Teleport mimic browsers more effectively
    • Javascript parsing capability for better, more thorough exploration of complex sites
    • Ten simultaneous retrieval threads get data at the fastest speeds possible
    • Reads HTML5, CSS3, and DHTML; performs some Javascript analysis
    • Can retrieve files from FTP servers
    • Full offline browsing and site mirroring capabilities
    • Project Scheduler lets you schedule projects to run at any time, on any connection.  You can even schedule projects to run in sequence, each new project beginning when the previous one finishes!
    • Automatic connect/disconnect system lets Teleport handle dial-up Internet connections for you, saving phone charges and connection time
    • Java applet retrieval gets Java classes and base classes
    • Retrieval filters let you download only files matching desired type and size constraints
    • Independently configurable internal and external exploration depths
    • Server-side image map exploration — translates server-side maps into client-side maps for offline browsing
    • Accesses password-protected sites
    • Full proxy server and firewall support
    • Domain Dispersed Queryingensures that slow servers do not affect retrieval speed
    • Server Overload Protection™ prevents remote servers from overloading and dropping connection early
    • Configurable Agent Identity allows Teleport Pro to impersonate popular browsers; gets data from even the stingiest servers
    How to Activate ?
    1. Install Teleport Pro v1.70 Trial
    2. Launch it
    3. Use Keygen for registration
    4. That’s all :)
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    Teleport Pro v1.70 Keygen

TeamViewer v10.0.39052 Premium Crack 2015 تحميل وتفعيل

TeamViewer v10.0.39052 Premium Crack is Here !

  • TeamViewer v10.0.39052 Premium
    يمكنكم ترجمة الموضوع عن طريق الأيقونة على الجانب

    TeamViewer 10 is a simple and fast solution for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer that works behind any firewall and NAT proxy. To connect to another computer just run TeamViewer onboth machines without the need of an installation procedure. With the first start automatic partner IDs are generated on both computers. Enter your partner’s ID into TeamViewer and the connection is established immediately. With many thousand users worldwide TeamViewer is a standard tool to give support and assistance to people in remote locations. The software can also be used for presentations, where you can show your own desktop to a partner. This application also is VNC compatible and offers secure, encrypted data transfer with maximum security.
    TeamViewer establishes connections to any PC all around the world within just a few seconds. You can remote control your partner’s PC as if you were sitting in right front of it. TeamViewer is completely free for private use.
    • One solution for everything. While most competitors offer different packages for remote support, remote administration, training and sales (and also charge for them…) The application is the one-stop solution for everything you need: includes all modules in one simple and very affordable package.
    • Remote administration of unattended servers. TeamViewer can also be used to control unattended computers and servers. Installation as a system service even allows remote reboot and reconnect.
    • File transfer. TeamViewer comes with integrated file transfer that allows you to copy files and folders from and to a remote partner – which also works behind firewalls
    • Highest security standard. TeamViewer is a very secure solution. All versions feature completely secure data channels with key exchange and RC4 session encoding, the same security standard used by https/SSL.
    • No installation required. To install TeamViewer no admin rights are required. Just run the software and off you go…
    • High performance with international router network. Optimized for connections over LANs AND the Internet, TeamViewer features automatic bandwidth-based quality selection for optimized use on any connection.
      TeamViewer uses an extended international server network with server locations in many countries all over the world, so no matter where you are located we will make sure that a high-security, high-performance router near your home destination will ensure great performance.
    • Remote support without installation. With TeamViewer you can remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet. No installation is required, just run the application on both sides and connect – even through tight firewalls.
    • Remote presentation of products, solutions and services. The second TeamViewer mode allows you to present your desktop to a partner. Show your demos, products and presentations over the Internet within seconds – live from your screen.
    • Works behind firewalls. The major difficulties in using remote control software are firewalls and blocked ports, as well as NAT routing for local IP addresses. If you use TeamViewer you don’t have to worry about firewalls: TeamViewer will find a route to your partner.
    • Flexible use for a variety of applications. TeamViewer lets you connect to your partners in many different ways: You can either view or control your partner’s desktop in order to do online-support; You can transmit your screen to your partners for presentation purposes – You may even change directions during a session for high fidelity teamwork!
    How to Crack ?
    1. Install TeamViewer Trial
    2. Do not launch the program. If launched then exit.
    3. Go to Crack folder and Copy “TeamViewer.exe” & Paste it into installation directory
    4. That’s all :)
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    TeamViewer v10.0.39052 Premium
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Internet Download Manager IDM 6.23 + crack 2015 تحميل وتفعيل برنامج

6.23 latest Internet Download Manager IDM 6.23 Keygen Internet Download Manager IDM 6.23 serial key Internet Download Manager IDM 6.23 license
Internet Download Manager IDM 6.23 Patch Crack Keygen
يمكنكم ترجمة الموضوع عن طريق الأيقونة على الجانب


Internet Download Manager (IDM), a tool to extend transfer speeds by up to five times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability can restart broken or interrupted downloads because of lost connections,network issues, PC shutdowns, or sudden power outages. easy graphic computer program makes IDM user friendly and simple to use. Internet Transfer Manager includes a sensible transfer logic accelerator that options intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multi part downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. not like different transfer Managers and accelerators web transfer manager segments transferred files dynamically throughout download method and reuses out there connections while not further connect and log in stages to attain best acceleration performance. 

  • Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken URL due to lost connect slow connection and other causes
  • IDM supports proxy servers ftp,HTTP,HTTPS,redirects,firewall,cookies,MP3,MP4 and more over 100+ formats...and many more
  • Supports Mozilla Firefox and other browser
  • Resume and Pause supports and Download link refresh is another nice feature for the user
  • Simple and user friendly interface.

Internet Download Manager IDM 6.23 Patch Crack Keygen

تحميل البرنامج مع الكراك

تحميل الكراك

كود فك الضغط

Installation/How to
  • Download the installation and patch files
  • Now extract with password and Complete setup
  • Exit from the tray icon and now Run the Patch file
  • Now click on Generate and than click on "Register.reg"
  • Done and Enjoy

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